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“An Absolute Godsend. I am so grateful for Nick in helping me with my honor integrity case at my college. I was wrongfully accused and convicted by my university and the entire process was extremely frustrating and stressful. However, once I found and met with Nick, my parents and I just knew that we might have something great going on here. Nick is a very professional education lawyer  and he does not play around. He was able to present my university a very substantial, detailed and strong argument that I was falsely accused and convicted of cheating. Ultimately, his strong letter was able to get all my sanctions removed, including a long-term suspension. He worked his butt off for me in a very short timeline in which we had upon us. Nick is the best attorney we ever had and moving forward for anything, he will be our guy. I recommend any college student or anyone to hire Nick for their legal services because Nick is truly a godsend who is experienced in a variety of legal matters and he will help you and your family to the fullest of his capabilities.”
“Nick started as an educator, and then became my ally, strategist, and a counselor at times. I felt his passion for my cause grow as our relationship continued. Our working relationship has continued beyond what either of us initially expected, and he has been there for me every step of the way. He has renewed my faith that there are virginia lawyers out there who care, and do their jobs, exceptionally. If you sign on with Nick, you can expect timely, informative responses. You can expect him to find the legal threads you need to fight for yourself if they’re there, and he’ll let you know if they’re not. You can expect him to be patient, diligent, caring, and concise. He will not over-promise, but he very well may over-deliver. Nick initially provided me with clarity of my situation and justification for my feelings of injustice. His efforts eventually gave me closure on a terrible time in my life, and I look forward to having him at my side as we continue to fight back.”
“From the consultation alone, I really felt that Mr. Simopoulos was the education lawyer I wanted in my corner for this process, so I hired him. This turned out to be the best decision of my life & a dream come true! The entire process was smooth. he gave me a clear timeline of when and what to expect, and there was excellent communication throughout the entire case. I really felt that he cared not only about getting a positive result for us, but also that he cared about my future success after the case was resolved in our favor. Winning this case gave me a second chance at completing my educational goals, and I could not be more pleased!”
“Nick has helped me with several legal matters through the years. He is an excellent communicator; he always made sure I understood the legal and factual issues in my case and how they impact litigation strategy. He is extremely bright and an expert at his craft which gave me great comfort when relying on his advice. And last, but not least, Nick really made me feel like a valued client. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top-notch richmond lawyer.”
“Nicholas was a superb employment lawyer through my entire case. He was on the ball, attentive to detail, and handled the legal system with panache. On top of that he possesses a friendly, approachable demeanor, which makes communication with him both pleasant and productive. I don’t think my legal challenges would have been nearly so smooth if I didn’t have a lawyer like him.”
“The moment I called Nick, I knew in my heart that someone was finally taking my concerns seriously and was going to help me navigate uncertain territory with my employer. Nick is sincere and thoroughly explains all options available to his clients after taking on a case – even the scenarios that are not as positive. He approaches this important dose of reality with a level of honesty and kindness that is hard to find. I felt as though no matter what happened, Nick was doing the best he could to support me. When you work with Nick once, you’ll end up saving his phone number and sharing it with others who need help. He’s the kind of employment lawyer you can trust in a time of need, and he will also be there for you years later.”
“Legal Elite. I cannot give enough accolades regarding the manner in which Mr. Simopoulos handled my case.  Not only is he well versed in the law, but what sets him above many other virginia lawyers is the personable, caring manner in which he handled my case from start to finish.  Also, when his results exceeded my expectations, my already elevated opinion for his skills was further heightened.  As a colleague, I do not use the term “Legal elite” loosely, but I unequivocally put Mr. Simopoulos in this category.”
“Nick quickly helped me in a bind.  He was willing to help me with an employment contract that was a bit over my head.  He took the time to go through the documents, add his legal advice, and educate me on my right as an employee.  With the knowledge I gained from working with him as my employment lawyer, I was able to make the right call and protect myself and my rights as a new employee.”
“I am so grateful we found Nicholas to represent our family in an education law/IEP dispute.  Communication with Nicholas was quick, kind and incredibly thorough.  I felt like he did an especially great job of helping us understand all of our options, possible outcomes and the associated costs – we felt very prepared and well represented.  I would not hesitate to retain services again or recommend Simopoulos Law to others.”
“Nick was a delightful lawyer to work with. He showed tremendous empathy, and listened closely to our family’s legal needs and situation. He not only was prompt and professional in all his communication, but he was also incredibly transparent and collaborative in developing our strategy.  We were successful in having our issue resolved very shortly after engaging his services. I would work with Nick again in a heartbeat, should the need arise.”
“Nicholas represented our family in a very sensitive education law issue better than we could have imagined!  He was honest, reliable and professional, while always putting the needs of our family first.  Nicholas went above and beyond to ensure a positive outcome and got results in a fast and cost-effective manner.  Thanks, Nick, for all your help!”
“Medical Professional (Cardiology).  I am so happy that I reached out. Mr. Simopoulos was a great employment law attorney and gave me the best advice and it worked perfectly.  Thank you so much for all of your help and anyone look for great advice, Mr. Simopoulos is the man!”
“Helpful & Kind.  I recently had the pleasure of doing a consultation with Nick Simopoulos.  He responded very promptly and was very professional and honest throughout this consult.  I’d highly recommend his service to anyone . . . .  I appreciate your help Nick!”
“Mr. Simopoulos is a true professional, providing the expertise I needed to succeed in my grade appeal.  His approach supported all the facts with just the right touch and tone focusing on the impact.  I highly recommend Mr. Simopoulos for those in need of an expert attorney in education law.”
“Provided Great Service and Advice.  I was experiencing an employment law related issue and contacted Mr. Simopoulos for his advice and guidance.  Mr. Simopoulos provided invaluable guidance and outlined a course of action and necessary steps to take to defend and protect myself.  I would highly recommend Mr. Simopoulos’s assistance should you require an attorney for employment law related issues.”
“Superb attorney.  Nick has helped me with several legal matters through the years. He is an excellent communicator; he always made sure I understood the legal and factual issues in my case and how they impact litigation strategy.  He is extremely bright and an expert at his craft which gave me great comfort when relying on his advice. And last, but not least, Nick really made me feel like a valued client. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top-notch lawyer.”
“I initially contacted Mr. Simopoulos seeking legal advice concerning education laws pertaining to our child’s unique situation.  Within moments of beginning our consultation, it became evidence that I had contacted an attorney who was looking at our situation in a nonjudgmental manner and who was offering our family thorough, objective legal advice to help guide our decision making.  His thoughtful, understanding manner set him apart from other attorneys.  I felt as though we had ‘the best’ in our corner.”
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